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Register Online with the Family Care Safety Registry

What is the FCSR and why must I be registered? The Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) helps protect seniors, children, and the disabled by conducting background screenings on long term care workers, child care workers, and personal care workers. If you are an employee or a job applicant in one of these fields, you must register with the FCSR before background screenings can be requested. Registering with the FCSR means you will provide personal information and agree to background screenings for employment purposes as defined in state law. There is a one-time registration fee of $13.00. (This fee is required by the State of Missouri and goes directly to the state) and a processing fee of $1.25.

Go to the website by clicking on the "FCSR Registration" button at the top of this page.



Follow the instructions below to complete your registration:
  • From the FCSR-BSEES homepage, click the Registration button to begin.

  • From the submenu, click Register;

  • Read the Welcome to Registration Information. When ready, click the tab for Is A Person Registered to continue;

  • Enter your Social Security Number in the appropriate fields;

  • Enter the security text/number shown on your screen. Click the Search button;

  • You should be notified that your Social Security number was not found in the database;


NOTE: If you were notified that your Social Security number was found in the database, you may already be registered with the FCSR. If your Social Security number was found, please provide a letter, copy or screenshot to inform The Dream Works that you are registered.


Click the Continue button.




To enter THE DREAM WORKS, set your search criteria to either Begins With or Contains. Begin typing part of the employer name. As you type, a drop down list will appear. You may select an employer name from the drop down list or you can use what you’ve typed thus far.


Click the Search button.


After you have made a selection for THE DREAM WORKS, click the Continue button.


Now you will enter personal information. First, select one or more Registration Type(s) by clicking to checkmark “Long Term Care / Personal Care” box.

Then click on ALL the subcategories;

  • Personal Care - Home Health,

  • Personal Care - In-Home Services,

  • Personal Care - Consumer Directed Services / Center for Independent Living,

  • Personal Care - HCY, PDW, DDD or Other


Next, enter your personal information.


Click the Save button.


Confirm that all information entered is correct.


Carefully read the Registration Agreement. If you agree to the statement, click the Agree button.


Enter your payment information.


Confirm the payment information was entered correctly


You should receive a Transaction Successful notification. It may contain an information summary which can be printed now. Click the Continue button for a printer-friendly confirmation of registration and payment information submitted to the FCSR.


Your printer-friendly confirmation of registration and payment information will open in a new window.





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