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The Dream Works (TDW) is excited to announce it is launching a Fine Arts Initiative (FAI).


Fine art is defined as “art for art’s sake,” meaning the purpose and enjoyment is found within the “expression” regardless of the form of art.


Why a Fine Arts Initiative –


Society tends to devalue the aging & disability communities. Delivery of home & community base services (HCBS) is viewed from a “medical-model” and that model takes away control and makes people feel helpless and hopeless. In an effort to reduce these negative feelings, TDW is turning to the expression found in the arts.


The value of “expression” to improve one’s sense of dignity is best described by Ms. Stella Adler, arguably the most important teacher of acting in American history –


“Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.”


What is different about TDW’s FAI –


There are many “art” programs out there for able-minded/bodied folks. There are also many “art” programs out there for the aging and disability communities.


The Dream Works’ Fine Art Initiative seeks to bring together both communities together. We fully believe that blending folks of various talents, abilities, and skills will birth powerful and unique “expressions” like none other in the Greater Kansas City Area


The Fine Art Initiative developed by TDW will include –


*Traditional Art (painting, drawing, etc…)

*Written Word (poetry, essays, etc…)

*Acting (short films, stage work, etc…); and,

*Other yet to be developed forms of “expression”


Our inaugural event –


The first project initiated by FAI was a Paint for Purpose Art Show. We brought together those from different backgrounds and various levels of talent and turned them lose with blank canvases.


We then took their “expressions” and hosted a community wide art show in October 2022. The show was a resounding success! Patrons were invited to bid on the artwork and more than 15 pieces were sold.





Individuals who seldom interact with the community not only made new friends, but their self-esteem was also increased when complete strangers bought their artwork. For the first time in their life, there was real validation of their humanness and belonging. The photos featured on this page shows participants of the first Fine Arts Initiative event.


Our next event –


The first FAI program for 2022 will be the Performance Inspiring Enlightenment (PIE) Benefit Concert scheduled for May 7th. This will be for poetry & music artists.


Whether spoke or sung, words matter. Our PIE is geared for those who feel awkward or uncomfortable about sharing words. These folks have never felt “heard” and we desire for them to have a platform to “shout from the roof tops.”


For more information or questions about the Performance Inspiring Enlightenment, please email Ms. Kayonna Trimble at :

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